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This small volume is our humble tribute to the memory of the Swami Nirmalanandaji. To us and to thousands of others in the Motherland he was a teacher, father, mother, friend and more than all that, he was life and light – a ray of the Spiritual Sun that shone at Dakshineswar.

Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna was the perfect embodiment of the Sanatana Dharma, the Religion Eternal. Each one of His direct disciples, while giving to the world His great message of the Harmony of all Religions, embodied in himself, a part of the highest ideal of the Master's All-sided Perfection.

Sri Swami Nirmalanandaji embodied the ideal of purity, and he naturally represented the strength and fearlessness resulting' from that purity. The Gospel of Strength is what the world in general, and India in particular, needs most at this present epoch. "His Life and Teachings" have therefore a special value now, and the publishers feel confident that the readers will get the needed inspiration from the soul-stirring example and the life-giving words of this Spiritual Hero.

We are fully conscious that the tribute is not worthy of his greatness. It is incomplete and defective in many respects. The present world-situation has affected our labours to a very large extent. We could not collect all the materials which in normal times we could have easily got. We could not visit the many important places connected with the life. We have also had to economise in space and time and energy. Due to various inconveniences certain printing mistakes have also taken place for which we have added an errata. It is with grear diffidence, therefore, that impelled by a sense of duty, we place this before the public.

The reader may note that the account of the Swamiji's work in certain places in Kerala is given in greater details than that in other places. The Swami was always intensely active wherever he was. A narration of all his activities will require sevreal volumes. The account given here will give the reader a glimpse of the Swamiji's unremitting work in other places also.

Soon alter the Swami's Mahasamadhi, his disciples and devotees resolved, in perpetuation of his memory, to build a temple to instal his sacred relics and to offer him daily worship. A committee consisting of the following was formed to collect funds and carry on the work.

Swami Sukhananda............................President

H. H. Ramavarma Thampuran B.A., Prince of Cochin........Vice-President

Rao Bahadur Dr. K. Raman Tampi, B.A., M.D., Trivandrum......."
Sri T. V. Krishnan Nair, B.A., B.L., Ottapalam..............."
Seth Purushothamdas Iswardas, Bombay..................."
Sri A. V. Kuttikrishna Menon M.A., B.L , L.T.,
       Retired Principal, Zamorin's College, Calicut.............."
Seth Khattawoo Khimji, Alleppey......................."
Sri K. J. Chengappa, Retired Deputy Director of Agriculture, Coorg..."

Swami Vishadananda ..........................Secretary
Sri K. M. Narayanan Nambudiri....................Secretary

Swami Amalananda ...........................Treasurer


H. H. Keralavarma Thampuran, Prince of Cochin.
Sri T. V. Reddy, Retired Assistant Superintendent of R. M. S. Burma.
Swami Parananda
Swami Chitprabhananda
Swami Srikandhananda
Swami Sekharananda
Swami Puranjanananda
Swami Chitsukhananda
Swami Muraharananda
Swami Naishtikananda
Swami Nirvikarananda
Swami Satchidananda
Swami Balakrishnananda
Sri C. K. Krishna Pillai, B A., Retired Tahsildar, Trivandrum
Sri M. R. Narayana Pillai, B.A., B.L , Retired Judge
Sri Rao Sahib H. Channaya, Retired Judge, B'lore
Sri K. P. Achyuta Menon, B.E., Palat House, Ottapalam
Sri Vimbur Sankaran Nambudiripad, Padukad
Sri V. K. Narayanan Nair, Vakil, Ottapalam
Sri K. K. Kunjanujan Nambudripad, Pudukad
Sri G. Krishna Pillas Vakil, Alleppey
Sri N. Kunhirama Pathiyar, B.A., Ottapalam
Sri Ottur Subramanyan Nambudiripad. Ottapalam
Sri K. Padmanabha Pillai, Pandalam
Sri K. Gopala Pillai, Calicut
Sri Kanoor Madhavan Nair, Cheramangalam
Sri M. S. Reddiar, Trivandrum

The temple was construcied in a very short time. Thanks to the liberal contributions by disciples, devotees and friends the "small building – Octagonal with veranda all-round, ornamental arches, minior ceilimg, upper story wilh decorative domes on the eight corners, ornamental railings of reinforced concrete in between the corners and a minior dome over the upper room" – was ready for opening in December 1939. The temple was consecrated and the relics duly installed on the 25th of December. Worship is being daily conducted.

It was further desired by the devotees and decided by the committee to publish a Life of the Swamiji. The Secretary of the Committee, Swami Vishadananda, was deputed to carry on the work.

While bringing out the book we desire to express our gratitude to all those friends, admirers, devotees and disciples of the Swami who have helped us in this great work. Special mention has to be made of the devoted services of Sri N. Kunhirama Pathiyar B.A., Retired Principal, Sanskrit College, Pattambi, in editing the book. We have also to record the valuable services rendered to us by the great linguists scholar and devotee, Sri P. Seshadri lyer, M.A., M.L., Trivandrum. In conclusion we have to mention that it is ihe munificent donations of H. H. Ramavarma Thampuran, Seth Purushotham Das Iswardas, Seth Khattawoo Khimji, Sri K. P. Parukutty Amma and others of Palat huuse, Sri Ambadi Sankara Menon, B.A., B.L., Professor Nandipathy Mukherji, Sri K. J. Chengappa, Sri T. V. Krishnan Nair, B.A , B.L., Rao Bahadur H. C. Javariah, Sri Shambhu Barhmeswara Prasad, Sri K. Parameswaran Pillai and a number of others that enabled us to bring out the book inspite of the unfavourable circumstances. Our thanks are due to Sri M. Rajagopal Naidu, Proprietor, Rajagopal Photo-Zinco and Power Printing Works, Bangalore City, who voluntarily undertook the printing work at a minimum cost as a sacred duty towards the Swamiji.

The sale proceeds of this publication will be utilised for the upkeep of Swami Nirmalananda Memorials.

Secretary, Sri Nirmalananda Temple Committee,
Sri Niranjan Ashrama,
Sri Ramakrishna Nagar, Ottapalam.

1st May 1943.